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Black Jack Gum | eBay 2 packs each of Beemans, Black Jack, & Clove chewing gum. These classic flavors will bring back memories and are a cool trip down memory lane. Perfect for anyone who wants to taste a blast from the la... Black Jack, Clove and Beemans Chewing Gum | CS Products Gerrit J. Verburg Co. is reintroducing three retro chewing gum brands: Black Jack, which has a licorice flavor and is regarded at the first flavored gum in the U.S. and the first to be sold in sticks; Beemans, which was originally marketed as a digestive aid; and Clove, which has a spicy floral flavor. Black Jack, Beemans Clove Gum! - IN STOCK! | Blooms Candy ... As of this time, there is no update on when this gum will return to the market. September 18, 2013. Beemans, Clove & Black Jack are here! After a three year hiatus, Black Jack, Clove & Beemans gums are back! Adams candy only produces these gums in limited quantity every few years. Beemans gum - Wikipedia

The official flavor it was trying to achieve is obviously black liquorish, which is the worst kind of liquorish. I admit, Black Jack does very accurately resemble the flavor of black liquorish, but why would you want anything to taste like devil rope? If you’re a fan of black liquorish, then you’ll feel right at home chewing this gum.

Primrose Candy Companies Black Taffy is a hidden gem with a tase similar to that of Black Jack Gum! Beeman, BlackJack and Clove Gum Nostalgic Pack - 1 Unit = 3

Beeman, BlackJack and Clove Gum Nostalgic Trio

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Black Jack gum is back, but for a limited time only. This Licorice flavored chewing gum is an an old time retro candy. The Original black licorice flavored gum from the 50’s and 60’s made fresh today, stock up as it will be gone again before you know it.

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Black Jack Gum | eBay (Beeman's is white, Black Jack is blue and Clove is red). Gerrit's Chewing Gum. These gum flavors were discontinued by Adams/Mondelez in 2015. Quality ...